Cover Letter Checklist: What to Check Before Submitting

Why You Need a Checklist

A common complaint from most hiring employers is that job seekers fail to submit critical information when submitting their cover letters. Most cover letters end up in the trash not because of lacking quality but because of missing out on essential details.

Take, for example; you submitted a cover letter to a particular firm. After a few weeks, you decide to reach out for a response. When reaching out, the firm cannot place your cover letter. It turns out you wrote your contact information wrong. 

The firm most likely scheduled an interview with the wrong contact information. Another individual received the congratulatory messages on your behalf. You end up losing on a lifetime opportunity due to simple negligence.

Writing the wrong contact information is not the only mistake most job seekers do. There is a myriad of rookie mistakes that get turned down by employers. Making a good first impression with the employer should be your main prerogative. Before submitting your cover letter, ensure you have gone through it a couple of time.

Checklist for Cover Letter

While going through the reading process, here is a checklist for ensuring you capture each intricate detail to the latter.

Verify Contact Information

If it is possible, triple check the contact information availed on the cover letter. Ensure each section, whether header or signature, contains the accurate and current contact information. Furthermore, ensure you have written the most active email address correctly. 

In case you have a link to your website, you can include it in the letter. Furthermore, double-check to see whether you got the firm’s address right. Double-check whether you captured their name correctly.

Confirm Salutations

The first step in the verification of the salutations is checking your tone. Does it come off as professional or casual? Various factors affect your choice of salutation. These factors include whether you know the HR at a personal level or whether through a referral. In case you remain uncertain about this, use “Dear” as a safe option. 

Check for Right Letter

Imagine the embarrassment of sending the wrong cover letter to the right job opening? It happens to most job seekers who are applying for multiple jobs. It is the fastest way to have HR disregard your application. When going through your letter, ensure the intended addressee is captured categorically. Ensure you label each cover letter correctly with the firm’s name to avoid confusion.

Selection of Keywords

Times have changed from the traditional human inspection of cover letters. Most firms have upgraded to the current Applicant Tracking System software. The software looks into:

  • Keyword use
  • Automatic rankings
  • Cover letter font
  • Cover letter section headings

Therefore, each section plays a huge role in ranking your cover letter among hundreds of other applicants. Ensure you tailor your cover letter in line with the job description. Furthermore, countercheck to ensure you are using the correct format. 

Many more checklists remain constant when reviewing your cover letter. Things like grammar and spelling remain non-negotiable. Therefore, ensure that you proofread your letter to get rid of grammatical and spelling mistakes to boost your chances of landing an interview. 

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