Final thesis discussion

The discussion is also an equally important part of the bachelor’s and master’s thesis. Although it is not required in some bachelor theses, few will avoid it when writing a thesis. So it is very important to realize how the discussion should look, because it is often possible to know that the student has no idea what it should look like.

The discussion is to discuss the word. You should discuss your results. Definitely not just a simple summary of what you lost. You should also have clear conclusions and assessments. Select the most important results of your work in the discussion and analyze it in detail. The discussion should answer questions: Why did you get such a result? What could affect your results?

Any research is subject to external conditions, choice of criteria, researcher’s approach, etc. If you have, for example, been investigating a species’s behavior in a particular situation, you can never say with certainty that other external or internal conditions, such as climate factors, development stages, and other factors have not affected its behavior.

All this should be mentioned in the discussion. If you have other than expected results, should you think about what could have been transverse here? Could it be your fault? Did you choose the wrong research strategy, did you have few respondents, were somehow affected? Or could there be completely different factors here? But it is necessary to honor a certain relevance of the discussed conditions or circumstances. The discussion should not turn into a pure reflection on the “immortality of the cockchafer”, but it should still be a subject matter.

In order to answer the above questions, it is advisable to use a comparison with already realized research on the same or similar topics. It is not a matter of resurfacing abroad and inspired by the research of foreign authors. However, the conditions must be taken into account here. Did the other authors have the same? What did they do differently? Or did they come to the same conclusions? And why? Somehow you should think about this when writing a discussion and then gradually break down one partial result at a time.

It is impossible to say directly how many pages such a quality discussion should have. It also depends on the extent of the whole work, on the complexity of the research in the bachelor’s or master’s thesis, on the number of partial results, etc. Generally, it is possible to say that the discussion of the final thesis should not fall below 2 standard pages.

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