How to manage stress when creating a bachelor thesis?

The work on the creation of the qualification thesis is quite stressful for most students. Although it is the culmination of the study, ie the project for which students have been preparing for several years and were aware of its necessity, it will probably surprise everybody, if the diploma work is not so much in sight, resp. when the need for surrendering is becoming more and more relevant.

Perhaps the need to write a final thesis is even more stressful than the creation itself – once the student has started, the written passages lead him further and the goal is fulfilled by successive steps. Even so, there may be moments of “burnout” when a student gets stuck and can’t move out of place.

When creating a bachelor’s or master’s thesis, it is therefore important to keep your distance – from time to time to look at your work from the outside, to take on the role of a non-participant and to read the text in a critical way – you can discover a number of discrepancies or inspire to further work . It is also necessary to continually think about the work in a truly creative way, to try to be happy about writing, to take work positively – not just as a necessary evil, but also as a way to move yourself. Writing should not be unnecessarily delayed, procrastination in itself is a source of stress, remorse, fear of the next days. Stress helps to set a weekly schedule and to do it – to write a certain number of pages each day, leaving room for rest and fun, or even free weekends – something else suits everyone. Regular consultations of the finished text with the supervisor can be very reassuring too – if there is at least a hint of appreciation in the evaluation, it is very motivating for further work. And even if the evaluation is rather negative, the student will at least continuously learn how it really is with his work, he has time to improve it, complete it, make it perfect.

There are a number of more or less functional manuals to combat stress, but students’ concerns are normal and nobody has yet figured out how to completely eliminate them. The only thing that is a truly proven stress absorber is a thorough and responsible attitude, diligence and purposefulness.

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