Tips for Writing an IT Professional Cover Letter

Simple Tricks to Use when Writing your Cover Letter

There is no one perfect fit solution for all cover letters and job applications. This means that you need to understand how to write a cover letter every time you apply for a job. Fortunately this is achievable if you stick to the following general tips that apply for all applications:

  • Keep the letter legible and matching your CV/ resume
  • Consider the length
  • Do not replicate one letter for all jobs and companies

Focus on impressing the hiring manager to consider your application right away. Once the recruiter is hooked, then your chances of being considered increase multiple folds which is what you want.

Writing your Cover Letter with Ease

Cover letters follow a general format and approach regardless of the company and job application. For instance, when writing your salutation, make sure to address the hiring manager by name and avoid using boring greetings that show no effort on your side. Starting with the recruiter’s name is one of the easiest ways to prove that you pay attention to details and that you are willing to go the extra mile to research on the official website or official social media pages. Avoid using general clichés that everyone else would use, be confident but not arrogant, and avoid apologizing for non-existent mistakes.

Legibility is Key

The cover letter is one of the first documents the recruiter will skim through. You want to ensure that it is captivating and easy to read by choosing the right font sizes and margins for an official business paper. Remember, you aim to impress and create a lasting first impression by showing your skills from the start. Use black and white, which is what works for professional papers, ensuring that the font style you settle for matches your resume.

Keep it Short

This letter is introduces you, your operation style, as well as covering your skills at a glance. Make sure to keep it short; one page with a few paragraphs is recommended. Uniquely summarize your intent to capture your skills and application beautifully. Remember that more details will be explained in the CV or when you are invited for an interview.

Construct New Letters Each You Apply

Do not be one of the people who use one cover letter for all their applications. No matter how great you are at editing, you are bound to make a mistake whenever you change a few things in an existing cover letter. After all, job descriptions differ even when they are in the same niche, which is why writing a new letter every time you apply for a job is highly recommended.

Apart from the suggestions mentioned above, a good letter must be appealing and serve as a resume expansion. Experts will advise you not to repeat what you have in the CV but to focus on making yourself you stand out enough to beat your competition. Whenever you feel stuck, consider getting help from experts.

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