Writing a Professional Resume and Cover Letter like a Pro

Write a Professional Resume and Cover Letter in Minutes

The first step towards being hired by any professional company is writing a catchy resume and cover letter to capture the recruiting manager’s attention right away. There is no magic in this. It simply requires one to pay attention to the basics, focusing on making both documents pop by enhancing legibility and using the right descriptions.

Steps to Follow

Understanding that the resume and cover letter serve as marketing documents makes it easy for you to focus on what matters. It can be overwhelming knowing what to go for considering the numerous pieces of advice available online. This being the first step to securing a coveted position at a company of choice, you need to get it right. When it comes to CV/ resume writing, few things should stand out.

  • Start by writing your contact info at the top. Include your name and contact details that you can be reached at any time.
  • Focus on the objective of the application, especially if you want a permanent job
  • List your academic qualifications in an organized manner, starting with the latest to the earliest. You can highlight outstanding performances that are relevant to your application, such as grades in specific areas of interest
  • Describe all relevant experiences to the job application. Leave unrelated experiences out.
  • Extra information on leadership can also make your resume appear more professional
  • Highlight projects, both academic and work-based, especially if they are related to the job you are applying for
  • Have a header with extra information where you can add relevant content that could increase your chances of being selected. This could be your hobbies and interests.
  • Have two or three references that can vouch for you. A mix of both academic and work referees works best for most companies.

What to Check Before Submitting your Resume

It is not just about writing a captivating CV. You need to stick to a few rules that make it stand out. Some of these may seem obvious but end up affecting your chances. Make sure you adhere to the following to be safe:

  1. Countercheck for errors. No recruiter wants to deal with numerous spelling errors and grammar mistakes when they have a pile of applications to go through
  2. Clarity encourages the recruiter to read more of your resume and letter. Make it short and perfect
  3. An organized paper is encouraging and interesting to read. Do not mix font styles and sizes, and stick to a consistent style and format all through
  4. Use numbers where applicable to highlight key descriptions of your skills
  5. Avoid the use of graphics in your resume – keep it simple and easy t follow.

Writing the Cover Letter

The cover letter should serve as an expansion of the CV you have already created. It should be a highlight of the skills and experience you are describing in the CV. Keep it short, a maximum of one-page with three short paragraphs. Keep it professional, convincing, and unique.

If any of the above seems like too much to do, have an expert in the industry assist you in achieving your goals.

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